Tailix Collection Kit Alone


Everything you will need to get your sample to the lab

1.Pre-paid Aramex flyer sleeve
2.Aramex waybill
3.Detail about Aramex and where to find your closest drop-box

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Taylix At-Home Testing

Our Taylix at-home collection kit allows you to seamlessly collect a small blood sample used to determine your nutrient levels. When the collection kit arrives at your door, simply unwrap it, unpack the items in the kit, grab a pen and follow the instructions.

Stop Guessing, Start Testing.

Important: This collection kit forms part of our Option 1 and Option 2. It CAN NOT be processed at the lab if it is not purchased with either one of the Options. You can only courier your blood sample once an Option has been purchased. You will get a refund for this amount when you enter the coupon code COLKIT at checkout.

Taylix At-Home Testing Includes:

Everything you need to know about the process

Everything you need to do your collection:

1.Collection Instructions: how to collect your sample
2.Blood Spot Card x 1
3.Single-use lancet x 2
4.Alcohol swab x 1
5.Cotton wool x 1
6.Small white envelope for personal detail

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