4 Reasons why taking immune boosting supplements benefit your overall well-being

When it comes to health supplements, do you consider yourself to be for or against these well-being ingredients? On the one hand, you could argue that food sources are sufficient to get all the minerals that you need. On the other, you could be part of the demographic that include vitamins as part of their daily diet.

However, when it comes to immune boosting supplements, there is no question about it: you can only benefit from these vitamins during times when your immune system is at its most vulnerable, such as during times of illness or recovery.

Still not convinced? Here are 4 reasons that might just change your mind.


Reason 1: Your weekly diet doesn’t include enough immune boosting Vitamin C

How often do you consume fruits and vegetables with a high Vitamin C content? As much as our bodies need this valuable vitamin to boost immunity, they neither produce it nor store it. So, if your diet does not allow for enough Vitamin C, you can easily get sick and have less defence against viruses and bacteria. Especially during winter months, when flu and colds are common occurrences, it is crucial to provide your body with enough Vitamin C.


Reason 2: Your diet is low in iron

Iron plays a big role in your body’s immunity. It is a necessary component for immune cells creation and development, particularly lymphocytes, which are known for providing an adequate response to illness. When you have a diet low in iron, you can develop an iron deficiency, also called anaemia, which can impair your body to produce oxygen-carrying haemoglobin. In this case, your immune system suffers greatly and you may start feeling extremely tired and weak.


Reason 3: Poor nutrition can wreak havoc on your immune system

Loading up on unhealthy junk food or “empty” calories instead of healthier food options can cause your immune system to plummet. Even worse is that you can start experiencing insomnia, poor concentration and irritability, to name only a few. All of these states can make you more vulnerable to illness and disease.


Reason 4: You are battling sickness and need extra support to help you get better

Although supplements do not necessarily heal a cold or flu, they may help speed up your recovery and assist in forming disease-fighting antibodies. A supplement such as our ViralStop, for instance, contains a blend of Vitamin C, Lysine and Threonine that together with medication can help loosen phlegm and inhibit viral replication, as well as assist in stopping the spread of viral infections.

Ready to get the immune support you need, today?

Immune boosting supplements that are based on scientific evidence and that contain quality ingredients provide you with all the support you need to maintain a healthy immune system. There are so many benefits to enhancing your immune system with the right vitamins, which is why starting sooner rather than later is best – especially if you haven’t been too keen to use supplements in the past.

So, start today and choose the solution that you need. You can browse a selection of immune strengthening products from Tailored here, or get in touch with us at +27 71 235 9010 or via e-mail at [email protected].

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